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"Girls Lacrosse?" or "A Walk To Town?"

Thanks guys for the wonderfull stories about the "Town Walks" from the seventies and eighties, when I attended St. Joes in the sixties we called them "Money Walks". We had an unusual schedule then, but very practicle one. If I recall right, Wednesday's were off , the morning spent on weekly housekeeping chores and the afternoon on the walk. We were given a whole $1.25 for the walk which was issued from the Director's office.We were not allowed to carry our own money when I first stared at St. Joe's.We usually managed to get a lunch of things not on the menu's of the Sisters of the Precious Blood who cooked for us at St Joe's , dear women that they were. Things like Grilled Cheese Sanwhiches with French Fries, BLT sandwhiches , Shakes etc., usually for about 70 cents. The rest was mad money Maybe some snacks to sneak back or sometimes if we were in a gregarious mood to be shared in.

There are many stories from our generation of "Aqueduct Spills" and I'm sure all of you do too. Our walks were the only time we really got to dress like the other teenagers in the area and mix to a certain degree. To those of you who are too young to recall the sixties, although they were "hot" times politically , day to day relationships with strangers and aquantences were friendlier and more civil than today and we would hobnob and converse with the students at Princeton.

"Hey,Whats doin?" to any student would elicit a friendly response. On one particular walk the response was "Hey fellas! Women's La Crosse at Palmer Stadium,Free!"

Now keep in mind the changes in the church and it's ministry were only starting to be implemented, most of the catholic high schools were either all girl or all boy high schools and they only "mixed" at organized and monitored dances, and if not in words, at least by implication ,seminarians were not even supposed to be thinking about the opposite sex. Remember the old dictum "avoid the nearest ocassion of sin" ? We went to the game ( I said WE no names here, no revelation of picadillos from the past unless they are my own.
WE not only attended that game, we attended several others, and the cheering section from St Joes became larger at each game, seems those surronding women's colleges had a practice
schedule that matched ours. Hey! If God didn't want teenage boys to see Women's La Crosse, why did he make College Women look the way they do ?

On one of our Wednesday walks the season was obviously over . The stadium was empty except for a few fans witnessing men's field hockey. Never realy enjoyed that as much as women's La Crosse!!! I bet most of you that know me never thought I was much of a sports fan?
John "Chuck" Mc Cann '66-69'


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