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Alumni Mail

From Artie Kolinsky:

It has been exciting and interesting following Joe Gics
and Marty Howfields efforts to try to contact men from our past days in Princeton. I enjoyed reading the biographies of all and catching up with friends from the past. This is my first contact through the long list of email addresses. I am not very good at this email stuff, but hope it gets through.

It is Palm Sunday, and I just finished a beautiful Palm SUnday procession through the city of El Cercado in the Dominican Republic - right at the
border of Haiti. Those of you who are familiar with Latin AMerica know the great crowds of people that turn out with palm branches to walk and sing in
procession through the streets of the city. As you may remember, I was and still am pretty big - more than the 215 lbs I carried in Princeton. SO,by
popular demand, especially on the part of the live burro, I let the smaller parish priest here ride the burro. I took his picture! At any rate, as I
wait to go out to one of the mountain villages for a repeat performance this
afternoon, I thought I would write this email.
Allow me to give some of my history. This year I complete 30 years of being a Vincentian missionary priest. Enjoyed every year of it. God has been good
to me, allowing me to live out the Vincentian charism of St. Vincent as
missionary and putting me in touch with the poor in many places. They have
taught me a lot, but I don't think I learned as much as I should have. For
fear of boring you with this long email, I thought it a good idea to give a
rundown on what I have been doing and where I have been during the past

1957-63- Princeton
63-65 - Novitiate, RIdgefield
65-71 - Major Sem, Northampton
71-79 - Puerto Armuelles, Panama
79-82 - Missions to Mexican Migrant Farm Workers in Michigan, Mexico and
82-85 - Colon, Panama
85-95 - Bilingual Missions in parishes in USA and Latinamerica
95-2000- Puerto Armuelles, Panama
00 -01 - Bilingual Missions in parishes in USA and Latinamerica

I now live at the Vincentian house of formation in Oyster Bay, NY with 5 students theology and two Vincentian priest directors, Gerry Luttenberger and Pat Griffin. I am not a seminary professor as you all can imagine, but I am the missionary in residence and the seminarians accompany me at times for mission experiences.
Sorry for this lengthy email, but I thokught it might be a nice idea to get in touch with my good friends from the football, basketball and baseball days at Princeton. Those were fun days. I ask you to please remember me and my mission work in your prayers. I will pray for you and have a great Easter to you and your families.
Artie Kolinsky

More Mail...

Dear Everybody,
Isn't Marty doing a great job for all of us! Actually, I believe God is glorified by the gold color of the page and the golden hearts captured on photo! I am an older man living in New Mexico. My wife, Jo, who graduated Richmond Hill High in Queens and State University at Oneonta,among other places of academic achievement, joins me in sending warm greetings in Saint Vincent's spirit through Marty Howfield's dedicated expertise!May God's blessing be felt constantly by all!

Ed Ambrose